Tuesday, October 11, 2022

RM85 Derbi Dirt Ped Start 5

I got a Suzuki RM85 rolling chassis and a Derbi Start 5 engine.
I wasn't originally going to motor swap it, but then I had a spare Derbi engine that looked like it would fit in well. 

I cut some custom engine mount plates and got to work. originally I was going to use a flat reed, but then a start 5 fell into my lap. I made the mount go thru the swingarm mount so that way it would stay aligned. Aligning everything was difficult, but I got it pretty straight. After removing all the material of the frame I needed to add some new down tube supports. 

I used tubing in my vice and a big tube over it and bent it slowly one cm at a time. 

 After I got everything welded up, I sanded it, primed it, and painted it with a 2 part urethane paint. After paint, I then started cleaning up all the parts and putting it back together. 

 I got this awesome pipe... But it doesn't fit so I guess I gotta hack it up.
I also picked up new plastics and took a test photo before I got eh frame painted. 

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