Thursday, October 4, 2018

Polini X3

Picked up a Polini X3. They are really similar to a KTM 50, Husky 50 with the Morini Franco engine. But the Polini is all its own. 
Got so many extra parts with it. A spare 70cc top end and even a full set of individually wrapped Polini spokes. 
The bike did not run, the ignition and carb were taken off and the clutch was not shimmed properly. I found the parts in the box and put it back together and it ripps.


  1. Was it that tall from from the factory or did you add new suspension parts?

    1. Yes it was that tall. Its still pretty small but its taller than a CRF 50 and other small pit bikes.

  2. Replies
    1. Polini sells parts direct.

    2. How can I find out what year and what size eng.?

    3. Look on the VIN number there should be a metal plate on the right or left side of the fork the tenth number up is the last number of the year if the bike for example mines a 04 the number on mine is so it would say 04 if it's made in the 90s it would say 93 or what ever the year of the bike is

  3. Hi I have a polini x3 2 stroke 50cc and I was wondering if you know where I can find a kick starter gear and return spring if you could help me out that would be awesome