Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tri Rad with RS 50 forks

I picked up an Aprilia RS 50 rolling chassis. Looked like the forks works could fit a puch. . . YEP! I just needed to remove the lower bearing and throw on a Puch bearing race and shim. Other than that, it fits PERFECT. This thing is fucking beefy! I would not use it on a normal Puch, but I think it will be sweet on a Tri Rad. 

Also the Tri Rad has a rear brake parking lock. I thought that was pretty cool. 

Here I had to pull the lower bearing race off. Normally you would press the tube into the lower triple to raise the bearing but I didn't have that kind of press and this worked just fine. 

This is using the Puch races and bearings with the stock RS 50 tipple tree. They are the perfect length for puchs.

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