Wednesday, September 10, 2014

1977 Super Clutch Helicoiled

I got a super clutch! I heard that the bolts back out all day, so I helicoiled in some shoulder bolts and now its working great!

I took the clutch apart it came with m6 bolts that back out.

 I got a M5x.8 helicoil kit.

I needed to drill out the center hub with the .2 drill bit. I used tape to measure the threads so I wouldn't drill too deep. 

After I drilled the holes I used the tap to thread the holes. Use oil, go slow, and turn out after every turn in to clear the debris from the tap. 

Load the helicoil into the coil loader thingy and screw the end into it. It will load it into the tool.

Press the tool to the clutch hub and start screwing the end to screw the helicoil into the hub.

Screw it until the helicoil is all the way into the hub and out of the loader device thingy.

 Once its in the hub, the loader thing will slide back and you can unscrew the threaded rod from the helicoil. 

 here is the helicoil inside of the hub with the tool removed. Ready for the new bolts. 

This image shows the original bolt at the top, the new bolt in the middle, and the new bolt with the spring and washer on the bottom. 

 Make sure to clean the threads and apply red lock tight. The red is the strongest. 

 Here is the clutch assembled! woooo
 Here is what the bolt looks like! Nice!


  1. Hey, do you have the specs on those bolts? Did you pick them up at a local hardware store or order them online?