Saturday, September 6, 2014

Stretched Grande Hobbit aka Grobbit build

So i picked up this Grande for the variator so i could variate my Ciao. . . After i Variated my Ciao i felt like doing something with the Grande. I have decided to make a stretched grande with a pa50II engine. 

This is the Grande 

I started taking apart the forks because i think iam going to reuse them. 

I used my wire wheel in my angle grinder to remove all the crud and then i painted them black! 

Here is the frame after some tear down. 

This is the donor bike. i got it running tonight, the gas must be original because it smells like paint thinner when it runs. But it runs great! I just had to rewire it, but it was easy because its the CDI. the previous owner spray painted the entire thing silver, but it never dried due to all the oil everywhere. so working on it makes your hands silver. 

7/30/14 - Update!
just got the subframe bracket welded up and thru it together for mock up. So far, So good!

 Here is a photo of the bracket!

8/1/14 - Update
More progress! I had time to put the frame on! flushed the tank, connected the fuel line. Just need to connect the cables and wiring, upholster the seat and its good to go. 

9/6/14 - Update
I finished the seat!

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