Friday, April 18, 2014

How to ship a moped part for dummies. 56k beware

So you wanna ship a moped part but you dont know much about shipping moped parts? I have made an easy step by step guide for you. 

Items needed: 
a moped part or parts to ship 
packing padding 
a box 
some security tape 
a computer 
a paypal account 
a scale 
a printer 

ok lets get started. 

Step 1: 
find some items you wanna ship: 
I wanna ship these things to a guy 

Step 2: 
wrap your items in some kind of bubble wrap or protective stuff. 

Step 3: 
find a box that fits your stuff. i save all my boxes that i get things shipped in so i have lots of them for shipping with. you can also use flat rate boxes from the post office. they are free and can ship virtually as much as you can fit in them, besides pennies. you cannot ship a flat rate box full of pennies because it weighs to much. 

i found a good box from a hod dog toaster oven for my items tonight. 

Step 4: 
Tape the bottom of the box. no one like a box that falls apart 

Step 5: 
put some padding in followed by your parts followed by more padding. For padding i used packing peanuts from a package I received a week ago. Reduce, reuse, recycle! 

Step 6: 
Take up your box good and tight. You dont want it to split open when its in the mail. Now weigh it and measure it! Write down how much it weighs and the dims LxWxH on the box. that will save you a trip back to the scale and meter stick later. 
My package was 5lb 3 oz and 10"x8"x6" 

Step 7: 
Do paypal shipping. 
if the person your sending sent you a payment on paypal you can just click print postage. This package is not for someone who did that so i have to google search "paypal ship now" do that and click the link 
That link will take you to a address form. FIll out who its for!!! 

Then fill out what kind of shipping you want. Its super easy. Pick the cheap one, if your package is under 13oz you cna ship it first class for like $2 
you can also send the receiver a message and paypal will even send them a tracking number. 

after you click continue you will be brought to a total page. it will tell you the price of shipping and how your going to pay for the shipping. if you like the price, COMFIRM if not, go pack and try a difffernt shipping method. 

Step 8: 
great! after you confirmed you get to print your label! tape it to your package! 

Step 9: 
Set the package next to your door so next time you go out youll drop it off at your mailbox for the mail man to pick up.

Congrats! you now saves yourself from going to the post office!

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