Monday, November 11, 2013

Its juts mopeds

Its just mopeds! Some time you gotta get crafty!

I needed to get the clutch out. :( Bummer town. That thing was hella stuck. So i took one of the clutch shoes and drilled some holes in it, drilled and tapped some holes into the clutch plate, and then pulled it like a puch. Cause thats what I know SUCKA!

Huzza got that bell off! Now I can lighten it and ream it for a needle bearing. 

 I didnt have that fancy dealer tool to split the case so I had to tap it with a rubber mallet. I got it apart and will rebuilt it soon. 

Oh and I got new grips for MASTER BLASTER!
Them's wood grain Bell grips from Wally World!

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