Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Moded Magnum Hydro Forks

i had a pair of these forks, yuk yuk yuk. but i saw potential! 

i took apart some MKII Magnum hydro forks and made them into maxi length. they are very smooth and look alright IMHO! maybe y'all would like to see how. 

first step is to dissemble them and drain the oil. 

y'all get this stuff. the longer spring is normally in between the fork leg and tube to help with dampening if you bottom out. to make them shorter you have to make that smaller spring on the top longer or add a spacer. i switched the two springs and added a spacer. 

this is with the springs switched and a little spacer. measure the different in length of new longer spring with spacer, because your going to want to cut that amount off of the spring. 

after you switch those springs, add a spacer and cut the springs, put them back together and fill with oil. i used 4oz of 20 weight motor oil, and that was good. 

when i assembled them, i also made a custom top triple tree plate with the original one and some shaft collars. I wanted to make them a little lower and have a more adjustable set up. 

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