Saturday, February 18, 2012

Motion Left Mopeds E50 Clutch brace 1/2 review

Its winter here, and i am too excited to wait until spring to post the whole review. when its warmer ill finish this review with some test runs. 

This is the new clutch brace from MOTION LEFT MOPEDS. 
It fits both the 3 shoe clutch and the 2 shoe clutch.

The plate is light at 57 grams, the holes are countersunk and can fit up to a 10mm bolt. 
Inside diameter is 40mm and the outside is 90mm with a thickness of 1.5mm/ 16 guage stainless steel. 
I used 6-32 countersunk bolts to make the brace and bolts perfectly flush. There are NO clearance issues, this plate is thin and sits perfectly. 
This thing is very well made with tight tolerances. i had an atomic plate last year, and although it worked, it was not made cleanly and the holes were slightly off center. 

I will have this in a Polini e50 very soon to finish the testing, but i cant see why this brace wouldn't over perform  anything on the market. 

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