Saturday, January 28, 2012

Projector Headlight

I pulled these out of a  rocket, I am not sure what kind. I took apart the housing and pulled out the projectors. I had to sand and grind some parts off to make it smoother.  After i took it apart i painted the housing with engine enamel and than baked it in my over at 200 for 20 min to cure it.

I still have to make a l braket to attach to the headlight ears. but it should be easy.

This was the set curing in my oven. 

This is the housing they came out of. Suzuki GSF600 Bandit 01-04. 


  1. What would it take to turn one of these into a operating high/low bulb setup? Im electrically daft.

    1. you cant, these have internal cut offs. they only light up the bottom half of the road. the way they work on the motor cycle is that the high beam is turned upside down, so when you turn it on, it wil illuminate the upper half of the road.

  2. yeah ok. Guards or reflectors that direct the beam. KK Thanks