Monday, January 16, 2012

Pleasant E50 Surprise

I bought a e50 from a junk yard, when I pulled it apart, it was the cleanest engine I have ever seen. It even has original Puch bearings. I think I could have just ran this thing the way it was. 

This was the last engine I pulled apart. 


  1. I love it. What did you do to get the case to go from picture #2 to picture #3? I've worked on mine with a buffing wheel and aluminum buffing compound and still don't have great results.

  2. I just misted it with Extreme purple degreaser. Than brushed it with a tooth brush until it was all loose and rinsed it off. than i blasted it with brake cleaner to get rid of all the grit. i didn't do anything to buff it. it was just in good condition.