Saturday, November 26, 2011


i took the plunge and said its time to have good breaks. i went with a disc and caliper from Moto Parts Max it was around $70 for both and arrived in 5 days.

The wheel is a Grimeca 5 star i found in a mud puddle at Sport Wheels. the drum brake was rusted to the rim so i almost had to disc it. i looked at the sealed bearing diy and followed it with slight differences. In the DIY theyy dont say to pull out the loose bearing race, and they just pressed bearings into that. i decided to pull it out and run larger bearings (12x35x10mm).

i used self centering bolts to hold the disc on just to make sure it was centered perfect. i also tightened them in a cross pattern. dont tight them too tight or you can warp the disc.



  2. Hey Maize. When we talked about this I was wondering about using a spoked rear wheel as a front so as to put the disc on the existing holes for the rear speocket. The problem I see in looking at for exp. a Moby rear wheel is one:
    The sprocket is stepped out to clear the spokes and I feel that a flat brake disc would not allow room for the caliper and two is there a disc that would fit the rear sprocket pattern of a Moby rear? A moby rear does have 8 bolts, shich would be a much stronger setup, four bolts seems iffy. Can I go with an offset disc or a large spacer to take up the needed space and then would it fit between the forks?
    I had thought of going the route Lazer is by getting a fork, wheel and disc off of a Honda product and wondering if it would fit on the Hobbit triple t.
    Any thoughts? Kim

  3. Kim find out the measurements of the sprocket and look for a disk that is simular or one that could be drilled. you need the inner hol large enough to fit around the hug. something like this might work but i dont know any of your measurments.

    also, i think i am fine with four bolts. really?

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