Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hobbit time

i have to rebuild my hobbit engine if i ever wanna get this thing running.

time to get chilly and hot! oh and the crank? its stuffed.

freeze the bearings and crank to make it smaller.

Heat up the case to make it larger

Slide the bearings in the case when its still hot!

LET THE CASE COOL. i waited 24 hours, because i was tired.

I like BLACK. i do a thin coat on both halfs.

Notice the long side of the crank? thats the vario side. dont put it in backwards. that sucks!

find some spacers. Go get your spare nuts and bolts.

See? these are my spare nuts. i like to keep em for random things. like using things for spacers.

Here i used E50 head studs to pull the case together. Double nut the studs just like you were going to put them in for good.

now use those spacers and stack things so you have lots of room to tighten the nuts down and pull the cases together.

When tightening the nuts down make sure the case is coming together evenly. I use a star pattern. Also if it becomes hard to tighten a nut, make sure your not bottoming out. You might need to put in another spacer.

Once the case half's are close enough, you can put your permanent bolts in. I always replace the philips with allens, because they are a lot less of a hassle and you can get them tighter.

Now put in the seals! i tap them in with a spark plug socket because its large enough to hit the case and not cause the seal to go too deep into the engine case.

Another Shot of the seal.

Now slap on the Vario.

and i am going to sleep now.


  1. This is a really good picture tutorial. It belongs in the WIKI.
    The method is a little different than mine but I gotta respect anyone that puts out an effort to help others.

  2. Do you also have a picture tutorial on how to split the case properly?