Sunday, January 19, 2020

LED Headlight that fit moped buckets

I bought this Led Headlight from amazon. It turned out great! Super easy to hook up and super bright with a great cut off.  I also put one on my JR80 and have photos of the beam in that post below. 



Thursday, January 16, 2020

JR80 Refresh

I had some free time so I thought I would refresh the JR. I dissembled it, cleaned, painted and put it back together. I still have a lot to do. but its coming along. 

This is before. I dont know if it will be a noticeable change. 

Sunday, January 12, 2020

LED headlight on the JR80

Working on getting the JR80 street legal. I got an LED Jeep fog light. Its great and has an internal cutoff. It is only 4" but they also make it in a 4.5 so you could easily put it in a moped bucket. 
Check out the photos for the cut off and output. its surprisingly bright. 


Saturday, November 2, 2019

Alley Rippin with the JR-80

Picked up a Suzuki JR 80. Been rippin a lot. Also modified the front fender. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Went to The Motzing Lit Farm and got my Spree

Picked up a trashed Spree. I am getting it running and cleaned up.
I had to make a new floor board support, new cable knarp, and helicoil a lot of bolt threads, and a new seat cover. Lots to finish

Jan-12-2020 update:
I ordered a tail light for it and it didn't fit. turns out 87 have a different taillight than the other years. I got the right one as well as a new straight front rim and new forks.  It's good to go now. 

How to make cable ends.

I was at a friends house and he made a cable end for a throttle cable on the fly and it reminded me that I never posted this. 

I made this aluminum plate for making cable ends. I made two different sized knarp holes. I drilled 2 holes thru an aluminum plate and partly into another. I then bolted them together and had a nice mold for a knarp. I also had to make an entry hole for the cable. 

I fray the end of the cable a little do the solder holds better. Use 60/40 leaded solder and keep kleen flux.

When you are finished you can file it down to the size you like. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

XR200R front rim swap

I picked up an xr200r a while ago with plans to make it a nice daily. I wanted a 17" front end to match the rear. There were a lot of swap options but I ended up getting a matching rear rim with spokes on ebay hoping the spokes would match up to the front hub. It tuned out the hubs are the exact same so it was a direct swap.

Before photo. (different bike forgot to snap a photo of mine)

Next, I raised the rear end with a different shock mount and added foam to the seat.